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Watch for flying objects!

Posted by David Beck on

So I am putting the finishing touches on three Ti-Bolts and when i say finishing touches I mean I polish everything on the pen, including internals. Now my polish and buffing station right now is on a camping table lol, just no room at the moment to make it a permanent fixture in the shop. As I am doing the final polish on the small ball that goes on the bolt action the buffer grabs it and sends it flying. I know it went forward, I know it left at 100 mph and I know it hit something plastic.

I 100% start to panic and think this thing is GONE! How will i replace it, how will i find it in this hell hole? I move a few things and then get a clear line of sight to the buffer. I start thinking CSI time. I line up, with the buffer and a plastic gas container and I do some calculations and pray I know where it hit. I then go to where I think it could have reflected to and sure as shit it's there!

Damn problem solved, now the next thing is to make a backstop for flying objects.


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