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What am I working on?

Posted by David Beck on

Cancer and PTSD tags, I had added a F**k Cancer tag to the store and it was the very first item we sold on the store to a new customer.  These tags go further for me though, last year our family lost two friends to this filthy disease, it hurt then and it hurts now.  I don't do tags often as the connection is deep for me, when I do them I usually require to know the name of the person who is fighting or has passed, and know their story.  

At times when I am upset I will spend 3-4 days making 5 tags or more, a few days ago the email from the Survivor came to us, he survived stage 4 cancer.  This has me motivated to add more to the store, if a stage 4 survivor can use one of these to keep close to them, maybe others can. 

So tomorrow I will be adding some tags to the store, they are all hand done, hand finished and a patina added by hand.  If you know anyone who would benefit from one, they will be under pendants. 

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