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Worker v3 XL titanium pry bar


  • $ 6950
  • Save $ 4050

This was a surprise product that we allowed people to buy without even seeing it.  The Worker V3 XL is a 5.25 inch titanium pry bar and breacher.  

Each Worker comes stone washed finish, beveled edges, and some type of anodizing. There are zero rough spots on these prys, as they were tumbled for over 30 hours after the grinding was done.  Featuring 6/4 titanium at .120 thick, this bar is more than you would ever need and will outlive most of us. 


no two will ever be exactly the same, from the grind to the anodizing.  

Type GUTS at final checkout for free shipping, if you do not do this we cannot refund the shipping amount.  

Comes with a free gift... 




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