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Who's got the guts Stabby! Makers choice


  • $ 2100
  • Save $ 900

Who's got the guts?  

Do you have the guts to buy something without ever seeing it? Are you gutsy enough?? 

This is a popular option we offer on our Facebook page where every once in a while we offer an item at a discount and you don't get to see it until it arrives in your mail box.  Over the past few years some of our customers have over 20 gut's items and it's still a wide success.  So do you have the guts?  Here is the hint! 

It may or may not be something you can carry with you daily, you could even use this with food.  The metal's contrast can be altered in color.  

This option is for the maker to have some fun, you benefit because this usually means we go above and beyond what you actually pay for.  This could be different fades, different rashes along with fades, or this could even mean NEW finishes.  

We will also include a free keychain with the order, and it's a fun one! 


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