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teamBRO Titanium pendant anodized and distressed and retro


  • $ 11000


teamBRO is something new for us as a project but not a way of life.  Every day carry can create friendships that turns friends into family, you don't have to be blood to be brothers. 

Up for grabs is a Titanuium teamBRO tag, since each tag is made custom by hand and with our tools in our shop each one is slightly different.  All coming in around 36mm long and 11 mm wide they are the perfect pendant size.  

Each BRO tag will come with a blank back or if you would like we will laser BRO on the back and let you pick a teamBRO number, could be your favorite number and have it engraved for free.  In the pictures below you will see a titanium teamBRO tag and how it looks engraved.  Each tag comes in at roughly 36mm x 11mm wide and will come with a titanium jump ring installed. 


Once placing the order please add a BRO number you would like engraved on the back, could be up to 4 digits long.  We will check if the number is available and email you right away if it isn't.  We are working on a spreadsheet for people to look at before the drop.  If your number isn't available  we will email right away as we monitor all of our drops and never drop when we can't be in constant contact.  



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