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teambro Timascus brobrick hybrid finish and engraved back


  • $ 16900


This is for a Timascus BRObrick, due to the fact that we cannot flame this item until we engrave the back with your person teamBRO# I cannot show pictures of it.  However the pictures below will show what a BRObrick looks like and what timascus looks like so you get the general idea.  Once purchased and we have your BRO number we will engrave the back and get it flamed and take pictures for future drops.  Since teamBRO is so new we rely on BRO members to purchase so we can get custom pictures of each material.  For this and for the first month this is why we are offering a discount on all BRObricks. 

We are proud to introduce the teamBRO BRObrick in Timascus This brick measures in at around 1/8th thick and 2 inches long and a little over 1/2 inch wide.  The weight and feel is awesome on them.  

This brick has been given a hybrid finish on the face and the rear will have your teamBRO number engraved on the back and then ghosted topo images with a hybrid sanded finish on the back.  

Please note that each pattern of timascus is different and the pictures represent the look of the brick.  All in all each one comes out stunning.  


Once placing the order please add a BRO number you would like engraved on the back, could be up to 4 digits long.  We will check if the number is available and email you right away if it isn't.  We are working on a spreadsheet for people to look at before the drop.  If your number isn't available  we will email right away as we monitor all of our drops and never drop when we can't be in constant contact.  



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