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Stainless steel teamBRO coin


  • $ 4100
  • Save $ 2300

We are banging together and the team is getting bigger.  In honor of that we are offering a BRO coin.  This coin will be simple with recessed BRO on one side and your number on the other side.  This is for teamBRO members who already have a number.  Please leave your number in the comments on the order.  This is limited to 15 spots 

Each one will be fully finished one way or another, at random I might tumble them, patina black then tumble, polish, grain or who knows!  They will be nice to hold and carry.  They are 1.25 inches and over 3mm thick. 


Pictured is the coin blank, by going in on these you are trusting that I will have some fun with them and make them beautiful.